Bullying Report

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Investigation Procedure

Within two school days of receiving a report of bullying, the principal or designee will initiate an investigation of the incident. Reports that involve students from multiple buildings will be investigated cooperatively by the principals of each building involved, or those principals may request that the district's compliance officer designated in policy AC conduct the investigation. If at any time during the investigation the principal determines that the bullying involves illegal discrimination, harassment or retaliation as described in policy AC, the principal will report the incident to the compliance officer designated in that policy, who will assist in the investigation. If the alleged bullying involves a special education student or a student with disabilities, the principal will also notify the special education director.

The investigation shall be completed within ten school days of the date the report of bullying was received unless good cause exists to extend the investigation. Upon completion of the investigation, the principal will decide whether bullying or harassment occurred and, if so, whether additional discipline is warranted in accordance with the district's student discipline code. The principal will generate a written report of the investigation and findings and send a copy of the completed report to the district's antibullying coordinator. The principal or designee will document the report in the files of the victim and the alleged or actual perpetrator of bullying. All reports will be kept confidential in accordance with state and federal law.

If the incident involved allegations of illegal discrimination or harassment, the principal's decision may be appealed in accordance with policy AC. Student discipline may be appealed when allowed by law in accordance with Board policy.

The principal or other appropriate district staff will work with victims and their families to access resources and services to help them deal with any negative effects that resulted from the incident. *The principal will review his/her findings with at least two other administrators, and hand the investigation report to our School Resource Officer to determine if legal action is required.